ING Construction is one of the premiere home improvement and remodeling companies in all of Los Angeles County. ING is reinvented the home improvement process in L.A. by focusing on present and future needs of home owners, using technology and through a “service first” approach to helping people. We source the best design and remodeling talent to transform your home into the picture perfect image you imagine. We believe in helping you realize your dreams above making money. We believe that if we can help you remodel your home the way you want, everything will fall into place. We listen and based upon what you tell us we perform at the highest level of craftsmanship and detail. We are your partners and dedicated friends. Upon commencement, we manage the complete customer experience so that you both enjoy the process and are informed of the progress. With a dedicated customer satisfaction team, and customer-centric project partnership, we insure that the end product will be exactly as you originally envisioned. Your home is your castle and sanctuary. The enjoyment you feel from your home should be tranquility, peace and happiness.
We invite you to receive a FREE Estimate from ING where we will begin the process of learning about your dreams and your vision. We genuinely want to know about you and your home.