“The ING crew and all the specialists with whom we worked were great. Ours wasn’t a huge job, and it took us a while (just before the holidays!) to figure out how much we wanted to tackle, but ING was the perfect balance of attentive and patient. The initial estimates we received were logical and fair, and the only changes to the costs of the project came after clear and careful communication and agreement. Probably the most impressive moment of our experience came when we were out to dinner late on a Monday night, miles away from home, unaware of the rain that had started falling near our house. ING was all over it, though: he called me on my cell until I answered (noisy restaurant), then personally hurried over to our house to make sure the exposed construction in progress was properly covered and protected. As I mentioned earlier, ours wasn’t a huge job, so (understandably) we weren’t a high priority for some of the subcontractors, but ING got them all coming and going in sequence, dodging the unpredictable LA winter rains, with almost no hiccups. The work they did looks great — including sections where you can’t tell any work was done, at all — and as a cherry on top of the completed job, they even managed to find stone tiles that matched those from years ago that had fallen off a column out front. I would definitely reach out to ING again for future projects.”