10 Years of Top Rated, Screened and Approved Service to HomeAdvisor Members

Among our many partners is HomeAdvisor, one of the web’s most respected and long-standing home improvement marketplaces. At ING, our work has maintained high ratings and reviews with HomeAdvisor Southern California members for over 10 years. We have accomplished this milestone by focusing on our customer’s needs, happiness and by realizing the dreams they have for their homes.

A Customer-Centered Reputation

First of all, we consider each customer we serve as a Southern California neighbor and a member of our family. As a result of this philosophy, ING has grown and established a stellar reputation. You can read testimonials and reviews from many of the HomeAdvisor members we have served on our Testimonials page. More reviews can be found in the HomeAdvisor widget in the sidebar, and on our public profile on the HomeAdvisor website:

FREE Estimate for HomeAdvisor Members

Rest assured, when you choose ING for your next remodeling project, you will receive the same great service and craftsmanship we provide to all of our customers. To schedule your free estimate, please complete our HomeAdvisor Free Estimate form.